Welcome to Miller’s Biodiversity Farm!

We are a buying club that offers A2/A2 grass-fed cow’s milk and dairy products, pastured meat and eggs, and other real farm foods to its members.

Miller’s Biodiversity Farm is a private food club, a community of people ordering real, high-quality, nutrient-dense food together. Our suppliers have the highest standards in regard to sustainability – for the land, the environment, and the health of the people who use their products.

Our mission is to produce real farm fresh, nutrient dense, great tasting food that meets the needs of our customers.

Our vision is to end sickness by enhancing health, nutrition, and happiness in the lives of families and individuals.

Our purpose is to inspire a generation of healthy children and reduce healthcare costs for families and individuals.

“Our job is to protect you from uninformed, uneducated, and downright unscrupulous farming practices” – Aaron Miller, Farmer

We Believe in Real Farm Fresh Food

A2/A2 Dairy

Our milk comes from pastured cows and contains all the fat. Our milk, cream, butter, yogurt, and fresh cheese is 100% A2/A2. Our A2/A2 milk contains only the fully digestible A2 type of β-casein protein rather than the more prevalent A1 protein. Some of our hard cheeses are A1/A2.

Grass Fed & Finished

Our milking cows as well as our cows, goats, and lamb for meat are 100% grass-fed. They eat fresh grass in the pasture and hay enriched with nutrients in the barn. Our goal is to raise the healthiest animals possible.


All of our animals have access to ample pasture to graze and play in.


We offer bespoke fresh dairy products produced on our own farm from our own milk. These include yogurt, kefir, smoothies, cottage cheese, and cream cheese.

Naturally Grown

Miller’s Biodiversity Farm has not been touched by chemicals in over fifteen years, and the neighboring farms we work with practice with similar values. All of our products are all-natural, chemical-free, and GMO-free and produced with sustainable practices. We take pride in providing you and your family with nutrient-dense, real food.

To find out more, please contact us.