About Us

Producing Junk-Free Foods Since 2009

Our mission is to produce real farm fresh, nutrient dense, great tasting food that meets the needs of our customers.
Our vision is to end sickness by enhancing health, nutrition, and happiness in the lives of families and individuals.
Our purpose is to inspire a generation of healthy children and reduce healthcare costs for families and individuals.


Born and Bred to Farm

In 2001, farmer Aaron Miller, age 15, was enthusiastic about his family’s neighboring grass farmer, spending time learning and understanding the values of all natural farms, where all the livestock and products is handled with care and respect, not treated with pesticides, hormones, or any GMOs.

After several years of study, Aaron had fully discovered the benefits of their natural foods and had decided to create his own naturally-produced and grass-fed farm. Over the course of the next several years, Aaron and his family started farming the old-fashioned way and producing grass-fed real foods. By 2009, they were fully operational and selling their goods, and that was the origin of Miller’s Biodiversity Farm. The farm grew into a private buying club, a membership organization, that sources food from local farms (mostly Amish) that practice in the same manner Miller’s Bio does.

In 2016, the farmer became interested in A2/A2 cow’s milk. This interest arose from two experiences: (1) The farmer noticed that the calves fed A2/A2 cow’s milk grew faster and did not get diarrhea; and (2) The farmer’s baby Hannah was quite unhappy and did not want her formula until the family starting using A2/A2 cow’s milk. After switching to A2/A2 cow’s milk, she immediately took the bottle and was very content and happy!



“We love this milk! Every week I am making butter out of it. Nowadays, I am not forcing my kids to drink milk. They voluntarily come to drink milk.” – Shanthi

“Millers Biodiversity Farm offers some of the best dairy I have ever had.  I’m a picky person, and an even pickier eater, and I can tell you that Millers is one of the best dairies I have ever encountered.  Aaron is wonderful to his customers (so hard to find nowadays), always thinking how he can please or help his clients no matter what.  This is a farmer who truly cares.  I would definitely give Millers Biodiversity Farms five stars.” – Anna

“Aaron, I really love the liverwurst. It’s a tasty way to add more organ meats to my diet.  Thank you!” – Vickie

“Dear Aaron and Rebeca, your beef stock is incredible! So delicious! We made a wonderful beef strew with it. We also are surprised at how wonderful the soaked and dried English walnuts taste – we never had walnuts this yummy! Thank you!” – Evelyn & Gil

“Dear Aaron & family, thank you again for your thoughtful words and kind wishes, as well as the beautiful quality of food you have provided. We only hope we can find a farmer in Australia who will be able to meet our now “spoiled” expectations. And as we hope to spend the summers with my family in New Jersey, we will most definitely request to join in on the orders when we do! I wish we could attend the Day at The Farm, but that is our move week and life feels pretty upside right now! All the best!!” – Rachel & family

“Dear Aaron & Family, thank you so much for the “Our Farm Ice Cream” – it’s absolutely delicious! Thank you for also providing the absolutely amazing high-quality milk! I am so happy your cows graze the way cows should.” – Evelyn

“Aaron, thank you so much for all the delicious products that and your family produces. The bacon is fabulous! The milk – wonderful! The cottage cheese – to die for! Yum yum yum! Looking forward to our next order.” – Joy Flury Brown

“Aaron: The cream you sent this week was absolutely incredible! The consistency of the cream is just perfect! I do not think I ever ate something as wonderful and fresh. Thank you so much for providing incredibly nourishing, healthy and fresh food to us!” — Evelyn & Gie

“Dear Aaron, the cream was incredibly delicious! The ice cream is amazing too! Can’t wait to order milk! Thank you.” — Karen & family

“Thank you more than I can ever express. My first order was beyond anything I expected. I haven’t had milk this rich since I was a little kid back in the 60’s when we got it from a neighbor’s farm. Please thank the farmer whom the batch came from. He is a blessed and talented farmer. That farm deserves any recognition they can get. Many blessings and joys.” —Taylor Kelly

“The beef chuck roast was excellent this week! (I ordered loin end and after confirming w/the farm they sent beef chuck roast which I’m happy to have again. The best beef around!” – Erin Ferguson

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