About Us

Born and Bred to Farm

Our mission is to produce real farm fresh, nutrient dense, great tasting food that meets the needs of our customers.
Our vision is to end sickness by enhancing health, nutrition, and happiness in the lives of families and individuals.
Our purpose is to inspire a generation of healthy children and reduce healthcare costs for families and individuals.


Our Story… so far

In 2001, farmer Aaron Miller, age 15, was enthusiastic about his family’s neighboring grass farmer, spending time learning and understanding the values of all natural farms, where all the livestock and products is handled with care and respect, not treated with pesticides, hormones, or any GMOs.

After several years of study, Aaron had fully discovered the benefits of their natural foods and had decided to create his own naturally-produced and grass-fed farm. Over the course of the next several years, Aaron and his family started farming the old-fashioned way and producing grass-fed real foods. By 2009, they were fully operational and selling their goods, and that was the origin of Miller’s Biodiversity Farm. The farm grew into a buying club, a membership organization, that sources food from local farms that practice in the same manner Miller’s Bio does.

In 2016, the farmer became interested in A2/A2 cow’s milk. This interest arose from two experiences: (1) The farmer noticed that the calves fed A2/A2 cow’s milk grew faster and did not get diarrhea; and (2) The farmer’s baby Hannah was quite unhappy and did not want her formula until the family starting using A2/A2 cow’s milk. After switching to A2/A2 cow’s milk, she immediately took the bottle and was very content and happy!