Our 100% A2 Milk

Grass-fed, pastured, old fashioned clean milk

100% A2 dairy

A2 milk is easier to digest, because it’s compatible with the human body. All of our cows are genetically tested to confirm they produce milk that is 100% A2.

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Our milk is the old-fashioned kind. It’s non-homogenized. It’s untouched. It’s the true definition of whole milk.

100% grass-fed

In the warmer months, our cows eat fully grown alfalfa grass in the fields. They are moved to fresh pasture 3x per day. In the colder months, our cows eat hay enriched with a nutrient blend made of kelp and essential vitamins and minerals to make sure they stay healthy. We never feed our cows grain of any kind.

Humanely raised

This means that our cows are treated with the utmost respect. They live a happy life, spend ample time roaming outside every day, and are never given hormones. If an animal does get sick, we treat them with homeopathic remedies and exhaust all options before resorting to the rare case of antibiotics.

Why 100% A2 protein?

In 2016, after reading the book Devil in the Milk by Keith Woodford, the farmer became interested in A2/A2 cow’s milk. He genetically tested his cows and found out that a majority of his cows produced milk with a 100% A2 beta-casein profile. Upon switching to 100% A2 milk, his baby Hannah as well as many of his calves showed significant health improvements. He knew there was something to this milk.

Thousands of years ago, there was a genetic mutation in cows in Europe. This mutation made them produce a new type of beta-casein protein – A1.

Before this point, cows (just like humans and most mammals) produced milk strictly with A2 beta-casein protein. Over time, those European cows have been selectively bred (and now, in some cases, genetically engineered) into the white and black spotted Holstein cow. They made their way to the US, Australia, and New Zealand and now dominate the dairy industry. Basically, all milk found in American grocery stores is A1/A2.

Modern research shows that some humans cannot fully digest the A1 beta-casein protein, having an opiate effect on the body.  In some cases, humans have developed chronic digestive problems from drinking A1/A2 milk, particularly those from countries like India, where cows were not affected by genetic mutation so long ago.

It’s pretty easy for us to tell what kind of milk a cow produces. We do a simple genetic test on every one of our cows using a hair root sample and sending it to a lab in Nebraska. This test tells us exactly which proteins the cow produces.

Over the past year, the farmer has successfully converted his herd to 100% A2 cows. He sold some A1/A2 cows and bought some new A2/A2 cows. And, once we sell the rest of our aged A1/A2 cheese (farmers, mozzarella, and cheddar), 100% of our cow dairy products will be 100% A2. We are so thrilled about this. We have heard so many success stories from our members. People who were suffering from chronic digestive issues are now able to drink milk again and eat their native diet.

*Our milk is tested regularly by a third-party service. It is tested for (SPC) Standard Plate Count bacteria, (PI) Preliminary Incubation bacteria, (SCC) Somatic Cell Count, (TCC) Total Coliform Count, Salmonella, E. coli-O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, and Campylobacter jejune.

**Before coming on the farm, all cows are tested for Bovine tuberculosis and Brucellosis.

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