How do I join, and is there a fee?

There is no fee. All you need to do is create a free account and place your first order. Start shopping now!

How frequent are the deliveries?

Home delivery is offered weekly. Group pickup sites delivery schedules vary and deliver weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. All deliveries are on Thursday or Friday.

When is my order due? When will my order arrive?

Orders are due on Sunday at midnight for delivery that coming week. Sorry, no late orders. Your delivery date will be noted on your invoice.

Is your milk raw?  Is it grass fed?  Is it A2?

All of our milk is 100% A2/A2 protein profile. Our milk, cream, butter, ghee, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, and cream cheese are 100% A2/A2.  We have some aged cheese that was made before our transition to an A2 herd. The cheddar is the only cheese that remains A1/A2.

All of our cow dairy is 100% grass fed and raw. Our milk goes from the cow to the milker to the cooling tank to the bottle. We never heat our milk unless necessary for crafting a product. For example, the mozzarella cheese requires heating to 110-degrees to pull the curd. In the winter months, milk may need to be warmed to create a good environment for culturing yogurt or kefir.

In the warmer months, our cows eat fresh grass. They are moved to a new, fully grown pasture three times per day. In the winter our cows’ diet consists of alfalfa hay supplemented with an organic nutrient blend – never grain of any kind.

How long does raw milk last?

We suggest that you keep your milk at 38-42 F to keep it drinkable the longest. Raw milk does not necessarily go bad. The taste can start to change around 7-10 days due to the sugars being fermented out naturally. The milk may start to taste more sour but do not throw it away! You can use it to soak grains, to make pancakes, waffles; it can be used in cooking recipes, smoothies, made into yogurt. There are hundreds of ways to use the milk if the taste is not to your liking.

Should I boil the milk?

Miller’s Biodiversity Farm does not take a stance on pasteurization. It is your choice to consume it raw or pasteurized. We have many members who consumer it raw, members who lightly pasteurize to 140 F, and members who boil it.

Is your milk tested?

Yes, our milk is tested regularly by a third party service. They are tested for (SPC) Standard Plate Count bacteria, (PI) Preliminary Incubation bacteria, (SCC) Somatic Cell Count, (TCC) Total Coliform Count, Salmonella, E.coli-O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, and Campylobacter jejune.

Are your cows tested?

All of our cows are genetically tested via a hair sample to confirm they produce 100% A2 milk. Before coming on the farm, any new cows are tested for Bovine tuberculosis and Brucellosis.

Are the animals given any hormones or antibiotics?

No, our animals receive homeopathic treatments if needed. The animals are all well cared for so little treatment is needed.

What breed are your cows?

Our cows are 80% Jersey and 20% Jersey crosses.

How is my order packaged?

If you are part of a group pickup site, you will find your food packed in large ice chests.  You will take your jugs of milk based on the list packed in each cooler. All other products will be tightly secured in bags labeled with your name.

Home delivery orders are packed in insulated boxes with ice packs appropriate to the season.

Can I return glass and packing materials?

If you order via group pickup that is delivered in ice-packed coolers, you can absolutely return your glass containers. Just leave them in or next to a cooler. The farmer really appreciates when you do this. We do not offer a refund for glass, as this would be an administrative nightmare.

If you order via home delivery, we do not pay for return shipping. If you are willing to pay for shipping, you can absolutely ship it back to us and we will happily re-use it. Another option is to donate your shipping/packing materials to a local food pantry, which often needs insulated shipping containers and ice packs to deliver food to those in need.

Is there a shipping fee or sales tax?

There is no sales tax. For group pickup, shipping is free or reduced depending on the group. For home delivery, we charge a rate depending on your location. You can find our shipping rates here.

Is there a minimum order required?

No minimum order is required.

Can I get my order shipped to my house?

Yes, we deliver weekly using UPS as a third-party delivery. We use quality shipping materials like insulated cardboard coolers and ice packs to ensure that your food arrives to you fresh and intact. We would love to help you!

What are your methods of payment?

 We accept all credit and debit cards.

Is the Regional Manager married to the farmer, live on or near the farm?

No, the Regional Manager is not married to the farmer nor does she live on the farm or even near the farm. She has visited the farm and talks with the farmer daily.  She is his liaison for all computer-related work and general customer service.


Still have questions?

Feel free to send a quick note to hello@amishbiofarm.com