Group Pickup

We deliver raw A2/A2 grass-fed pastured milk, dairy products, and other local organic nutrient-dense foods to groups in NY, NJ, and MA! Don’t see a group pickup near you? We also offer Home Delivery.

We offer free or reduced delivery to group pickup sites for our members. A group pickup site is a central location (a member’s home or business) where we deliver a number of orders at the same time. We currently have sites in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. When you place your order, simply choose which group pickup site you would like your order to go to. Check out our groups pickup locations.

Your items will be packed in big coolers, with ice covering everything to keep it fresh on the way to you. Typically, there are three coolers: one for milk, one for refrigerated items, and one for frozen items. We package your products in waterproof bags with your name-tag on each item. You will get your frozen and unfrozen items in separate bags.

Once your order has been delivered, you will receive an email telling you that it’s time to pick up. The email will also have details particular to your chosen group pickup site. We have a self-service system at the group pickup sites. Orders should be picked up by 8pm.

Order Schedule

The order window is Monday through Sunday at midnight for delivery the following week. Sorry, no late orders.

Want to start a new group?

The farmer is always looking to start new groups where there is demand. If you have 15 or more families interested and a place to store the coolers, you may be able to start your own group. You can read more about what you need and how to get started here:

Have questions?
Call the farmer directly at 717-786-7895 anytime 24/7 or send a note to We are happy to help!