Start a Group

The farmer is always looking to start new group sites wherever there is demand.

Requirements to Start a New Group

  1. Minimum Members: To make a group active, it must reach a minimum number of committed members. When a group reaches 5 members, it qualifies for reduced shipping. When a group reaches 10 members, we may be able to deliver for free!
  2. Location Leader: The person who stays in contact with the Regional Manager. They would check to make sure orders are picked up by 8:30pm, and let the Regional Manager know if an order is not picked up so they can communicate with the member. In return for their service, the site coordinator gets 2% credit for the group’s order total. For example, if the group orders $800, the coordinator gets a $16 credit. This credit increases to 3% if the group orders over $1,000.
  3. Location: The group pickup site can be in a home or at a local business, community center, etc. It must be accessible for members and set up for complete self service. The location cannot be locked or gated.  The site must have space for coolers, which can be stored inside or outside. The coolers live at this location and are switched out by the delivery person at each delivery.

*Our groups are open, not closed. Anyone can order to any group they’d like from our website. This is why accessibility of the coolers is a top priority.

Pledge to Start a Group

Show your commitment to getting this group going. Sign up to get the group closer to becoming active:

Elmsford, NY

Germantown, MD

Hudson, MA

*If you want to get the site going more quickly, please promote the group in your community. The farmer greatly appreciates your help with this.