Essential Members-Only Info

This page is for active members of Miller’s Biodiversity Club. Disclosing any information to anyone without written permission from the farm is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in¬†permanent revocation¬†of your account.


As a member, you have access to purchase from Miller’s Biodiversity Farm’s full menu of products for personal use. You also have access to join private pickup locations in NJ and NY.

Miller’s has a separate (and pretty awesome) website to process orders. To get started purchasing Miller’s products, you first need to register a separate account on the store:

You’ll get a heads up after you’re added to your desired group. This should happen within 24 hours of creating your store account. Then, you can login and order here:

Changing Your Delivery/Pickup Option

You chose your delivery/pickup option when purchasing your membership and should receive an email letting you know when your Miller’s account is all set to order.

The group you were added to is private. This means you cannot add yourself to the group.

If you need to change your delivery/pickup option, just send a quick note to with your request.

Not Seeing the Products You Need?

If this happens, don’t worry. Just send a quick note to We’ll get you back in ASAP.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with fellow members here:


Miller’s Biodiversity Farm has a stellar referral program. Share your unique link from the Store Referral Page for friends to register an account. When your referral becomes a member and pays for their first order, you both automatically get $5 store credit added to your account.


Miller’s Biodiversity Farm Membership Contract

Manage Your Membership Account

  • Change your password
  • Switch between manual or automatic renewals
  • Update your billing info
  • Cancel your membership subscription

Edit your membership account here: